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Notre Dame Convent

1900 - Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia

Park Junior High School

1960 - Sydney, Nova Scotia

Sacred Heart School

1912 - Sydney, Nova Scotia

Saint Agnes School

1913 - New Waterford, Nova Scotia

Saint Anthony Daniel School

1953 - Sydney, Nova Scotia

Saint Anthony Daniel School was established in 1953 as a branch of Holy Angels Convent in Sydney, Nova Scotia. The new building opened on November 2. Sister Saint-Joseph-de-la-Merci (Mary McNeil), Sister Sainte-Marie-des-Séraphins (Marie-Joseph Tomney) and five lay teachers received two hundred…

Saint Augustine School

1953 - Sydney, Nova Scotia

Saint Colomba Convent

1938 - Iona, Nova Scotia

On August 1, 1938 the Sisters of the Congrégation de Notre-Dame arrived in Iona on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, a town founded at the beginning of the 19th century. A number of the Sisters on mission there taught at Iona Federated High School, which, until their arrival was under…

Saint John Convent

1887 - New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

Saint John School

1920 - Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia

Saint John School was established in 1920 as a branch of Notre Dame Convent in Sydney, Nova Scotia. The new eight-classroom building was officially opened in January. The founders were Sister Sainte-Marie-Michel (Mary Jane McNeil), director, and Sister Saint-Démétrius (Effie Ann Leblanc). In…

Saint Joseph Convent

1887 - Mabou, Nova Scotia

In 1887, Father Kenneth McDonald, pastor of the parish in Mabou, Nova Scotia, approached the Congrégation de Notre-Dame and expressed the desire that his parish have a Catholic School like the academy the sisters founded in Port Hood. Even though the establishment of such an institution was…

Saint Joseph School

1956 - Port Felix, Nova Scotia

In 1955, Bishop John R. MacDonald of Antigonish and Roderick Colonel MacLeod, pastor of Port Felix, asked the Congrégation de Notre-Dame to send sisters to provide education to the children of the town of Port Felix, Nova Scotia. On August 22, 1956, three sisters arrived to establish a residence…

Saint Joseph School

1906 - Sydney, Nova Scotia

Saint Joseph School was established in 1906 as a branch of Holy Angels Convent in Sydney, Nova Scotia. The new building, located on the corner of George and Cottage Streets, opened on August 23, in time for the beginning of the school year. Sister Sainte-Marie-du-Temple (Marie-Anne Arsenault),…

Saint Joseph School

1953 - Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia

Saint Martin School

1941 - New Victoria, Nova Scotia

Father Martin Wallace, pastor of Saint Joseph Parish, had for a long time wanted to establish a convent in New Victoria, Nova Scotia when the General Council of the Congregation decided to send sisters in 1941. On August of that year, Sister Saint-Pancratius (Marjorie Ann McLellan) and six…

Saint Peter Convent

1884 - Port Hood, Nova Scotia

Saint Peter’s Convent, located in the small town of Port Hood, Nova Scotia, was established in 1884. Father Colin Chisholm, brother of Sister Saint-André-Avellin (Catherine Jane Chisholm), wanted to open a school in his parish. In 1879, his project was made possible by an endowment from Mr.…

Sheriff Junior High School

1959 - Sydney, Nova Scotia

Sheriff Junior High School was established in 1959 to receive a large number of high school students from different schools in Sydney, Nova Scotia. The new building on Sheriff Avenue opened on January 3. Of the twelve classes which comprised the school, one was from Holy Angels Convent, three…

Stella Maris Convent

1880 - Pictou, Nova Scotia

In 1880, the Sisters of the Congrégation de Notre-Dame arrived in Pictou, Nova Scotia to establish a convent at the request of Father Ronald Macdonald. Sister Saint-Maurice (Frances Collins) was named Superior. She was accompanied by Sisters Saint-Joseph-de-Jésus (Marie-Sophie Powell), Sainte-…

Villanova School

1920 - Sydney, Nova Scotia

Villanova School was established in 1920 as a branch school of Holy Redeemer Convent in the Whitney Pier District in Sydney, Nova Scotia. It was named Subway School when it was first completed, but took the name Villanova School in 1925. The founding sisters, Sister Sainte-Geneviève (Lucy Ann…

Canadian Martyrs School

1952 - Toronto, Ontario

Cathedral School

1951 - Kingston, Ontario

In September 1951, Cathedral School opened its doors on Johnson Street, in the east-end of Kingston, Ontario as a branch of Notre Dame ConventSchool. Situated near the Lakeshore Native Algonquin Reserve, it was the very first Senior Elementary School established in Ontario. This new school was…

Département des sciences domestiques de l'Université d'Ottawa

1956 - Ottawa, Ontario

In August 1955, the direction of the future University of Ottawa School of Domestic Sciencewas entrusted to Sister Sainte-Marguerite-des-Vertus (Marguerite Ouellet), then teacher at the School of Domestic Science in Quebec City. With Sister Sainte-Thérèse-de-la-Foi (Marcelle Olivier), Director…

École Bienheureuse-Marguerite-Bourgeoys

1949 - Coppell, Ontario

On May 5, 1949, Father Albert Millette, pastor of Coppell, Ontario, approached the sisters of the Congrégation de Notre-Dame, a first time, to ask them to administer the town parish school. At that point the General Council declined the request because it considered that Coppell Parish was too…

École de la Nativité

1886 - Cornwall Est, Ontario

In 1886, the commissioners of Cornwall, Ontario with the approval of the pastor of Saint-Colomban, Father Charles Murray, decided to build a school known as the wood school in Cornwall’s east-end. The one hundred and twenty-five students, who attended the school situated on the corner of Edward…

École Marguerite-Bourgeoys

1959 - Ottawa, Ontario

The primary school, founded in Elmvale Acres, a residential area being developed in Ottawa’s East end, opened its doors on September 8, 1959. The first CNDs there were Sisters Sainte-Aline-de-l’Immaculée (June Jodoin), Sainte-Rollande-Marguerite (Thérèse Dumouchel) and Sainte-Claire-d’Auvergne (…

École Saint-Patrice – Saint Patrick School

1925 - Ottawa, Ontario

Saint Patrick’s School was an annex of Notre Dame Convent, Ottawa. At the request of Canon G. Fitzgerald of Saint Patrick’s parish and of the Ottawa Separate School Board, the Sisters of the Congregation took charge of the school for girls in 1925 or 1926. There were Sisters Sainte-Agathe-…

École Saints-Martyrs-Canadiens

1955 - Jogues, Ontario

The arrival of the sisters of the Congrégation de Notre-Dame in the town of Coppell had a large impact on Northern Ontario’s educational milieu. Indeed, in the summer of 1951, Father Jules Victor Pelchat, pastor of the neighbouring town of Jogues, approached Sister Sainte-Antoinette-Marie and…

Notre Dame Convent

1867 - Peterborough, Ontario

Holy Cross School

1936 - Toronto, Ontario