Marie-Marguerite Piot de Langloiserie (Sister Saint-Hippolyte)

Superior from 1751 to 1757 and from 1763 to 1766

Marie-Marguerite Piot de Langloiserie or L’Angloiserie, named sœur Saint-Hippolyte, was born on February 11, 1702 in Varennes and died in Montreal on February 10, 1781. She came from two families belonging to the élite of New France. She and her older sister, Charlotte-Angélique entered the novitiate in 1721. During her first term in office as Superior, from 1751 to 1757, circumstances were auspicious. Peace and harmony reigned in the community and no deaths had been recorded in two years. Religious and civil authorities in France and in Canada supported the community. All that changed when hostilities between France and Britain began again in America. It was during Sister Saint-Hippolyte’s second term, from 1763 to 1766, at the time when the colony passed from French to British hands, that the Congregation settled its business in France, in accordance with the agreements between the French and British crowns, as stipulated in the Treaty of Paris. In Canada, the Congregation made the decision to sell some of its land and, in this way, improved its financial situation.