It is indispensable to thank the cooperation of the Marguerite-Bourgeoys Museum team and the staff of the Communications Department of the Congrégation de Notre-Dame that the General Archives is able to present an exhibit for the benefit of the Congregation and the general public.

This project was made possible by Online Culture Program - Canadian Heritage, Library and Archives Canada and Canadian Council of Archives. We offer them our most sincere thanks.


Patrimoine Canada

Since the online exhibit was launched in French and English in 2011, more content and archival records have been added. The Spanish version of the exhibit was launched in 2012, and the Japanese one in 2015. In 2018, the website was upgraded and improved. The virtual exhibition includes an interactive map for locating hundreds of schools established and directed by the sisters of the Congrégation de Notre-Dame.

We wish to underline the unfailing support of the Congrégation de Notre-Dame Leadership Team who allowed their archivists to spare no effort in this enterprise. We especially wish to thank Sister Andrée Déry, Sister Anne C. Leonard and Sister Danielle Dubois whose encouragement and support were essential to the steady progress of this project.

We hope that the Sisters of the Congregation will view this exhibit as a true reflection of their immeasurable contribution to society and that the public will find in it a source of easily accessible information on the exceptional service of Marguerite Bourgeoys and her companions.


Original version (2011)

Supervisor: Denys Chouinard
Coordinator: Marie-Josée Morin
Original Idea by Service des archives de la Congrégation de Notre-Dame

 Project Managers:

  • Marie-Josée Morin
  • Josée Sarrazin

Content Managers:

  • Marie-Josée Morin
  • Josée Sarrazin
  • Claire Goyette – Supervisor responsible for the writing of the schools’ historical accounts
  • Interns and students in the Young Canada Works program


  • Patricia Simpson, CND, Marguerite-Bourgeoys Museum – 350 Years of History
  • Joyce Roberts, CND - 350 Years of History (research)
  • Marie-Josée Morin
  • Denys Chouinard
  • Josée Sarrazin - revision

Digitization and Photography

  • Josée Sarrazin
  • Murielle Boisvert, CND

Illustrations :

  • Francis Back, with the collaboration of an Editorial Board: Denys Chouinard, Stéphan Martel, Marie-Josée Morin, Joyce Roberts, CND, Josée Sarrazin, Patricia Simpson, CND.

Oral Historical Interviews:

  • Canada Research Chair in Ethnological Heritage, Université Laval. Project entitled Inventaire du patrimoine immatériel religieux. Researchers: Maude Redmond Morissette, Alina Nogradi.

2018 website redesign

Supervisor: Marie-Josée Morin

Project and content Manager, writter:

  • Marie-Claude Fortier

Schools' geolocation map:

  • Claire Goyette
  • Florence Vallières-Lepage (Young Canada Works)
  • Marie-Claude Fortier

Pedagogical Section

Supervisor: Danielle Dubois, CND
Coordinator: Stéphan Martel
Original Idea by Marguerite-Bourgeoys Museum
Designed and Written by Isabelle Desaulniers, DéZIDée Muséocréation


  • Diane Gadoua
  • Karine Saint-Louis

Historical Validation:

  • Stéphan Martel
  • Karine Saint-Louis
  • Patricia Simpson, CND
  • Joyce Roberts, CND

PDF Formatting by Murielle Boisvert, CND

Communication, Translation and Revision

Coordinator: Stéphanie Manseau

Translation and Revision:

  • Francine Auger, CND
  • Albert Beaudry
  • Jeanne Bonneau, CND
  • Monica de Sala
  • Denise Dubois, CND
  • Cécile Duplain, CND
  • Natalie Gannon, CND
  • Kumi Hishikawa
  • Hinako Imaizumi, CND
  • Claudette Marcoux, CND
  • Nelia Palma
  • Michelle Renaud
  • Sophie Rolland
  • Kikui Sodeyama
  • Joanne Szymanski
  • Yoshiko Uetani, CND

CND Website:

  • Julie Amyot
  • Samantha Étane

Web Design and Development

The multidisciplinary team of the firm  Idéeclic 

Website redesign in 2018 Mutualit' - Ouverti