Marie-Josèphe Maugue-Garreau (Sister de l'Assomption)

Superior from 1766 to 1772

Marie-Josèphe Maugue-Garreau, named sœur de l’Assomption, was baptized in Montreal on December 30, 1720 and died there on August 16, 1785. She entered the novitiate of the Congregation in 1738 and pronounced her vows two years later. She was elected Superior in 1766 during very difficult times, after the war and the British Conquest and after the Congregation’s convent and church were destroyed by fire on April 11, 1768. During her mandate, which lasted until 1772, she reorganized the community’s temporal affairs. She sold property and goods in order to reconstruct buildings and ensure the effective maintenance of the missions. She also made the decision to purchase all of Île Saint-Paul (today’s Île-des-Sœurs or Nun’s Island) for agricultural production.