Marie-Françoise Huot (Sister Sainte-Gertrude)

Superior from 1840 to 1843

Marie-Françoise Huot, named sœur Sainte-Gertrude, was born October 10, 1795 in L’Ange-Gardien and died on November 8, 1850 in Montreal. She attended the boarding school of the Congregation in her home town before entering the novitiate in Montreal in 1815. She pronounced her vows two years later and taught at different missions throughout Quebec. She went back to the Lower Town of Quebec when she was chosen as Assistant Superior of the community there in 1839, and then went to Montreal the following year when she was elected Superior. Under her term as Superior, the mission in Kingston was founded. She remained in office only three years, being forced to leave her position in 1843 because of illness. She remained Assistant to the Superior until 1848, when she entered the infirmary.