Marie Angélique Lefebvre Angers (Sister Saint-Simon)

Superior from 1757 to 1763

Marie-Angélique Lefebvre Angers, named sœur Saint-Simon, was born in Montreal on October 25, 1710 and died there on April 28, 1766. When Marie-Angélique was 16 years old, she entered the boarding school of the Congregation. She was admitted to the community in 1728. After participating in apostolic activities in Montreal, she held important offices. She was Novice Mistress and Congregation Superior from 1757 to 1763. Her term as Superior took place during the Seven Years’ War. She was concerned about the fate that the English and Protestant authorities had in store for her community. The Congregation adopted a positive attitude toward General Jeffrey Amherst’s régime of cooperation. He recommended the maintenance of the status quo. For two years following her mandate as Superior, Sister Saint-Simon was again Novice Mistress. She died a few months after she retired.