Marguerite Le Moyne de Sainte-Marie (Marguerite du Saint-Esprit)

Superior from 1698 to 1708, from 1711 to 1717, from 1719 to 1722 and from 1729 to 1732

Marguerite Le Moyne de Sainte-Marie, named Marguerite du Saint-Esprit, was born in Ville-Marie (Montreal) on February 3, 1664 and died there on February 21, 1746. She came from an influent family of New France. When she was 16 she asked to be received into the community of which her older sister was already a member. She made her private vows in 1682 and taught in Ville-Marie and then at the Mountain Mission. She was only 24 when she was appointed Probation Mistress. She was responsible for receiving new arrivals to the Congregation and preparing them for religious life. She carried out this office for ten years before being elected Superior of the Congregation. She held office four times, from 1698 to1708, 1711 to 1717, 1719 to 1722 and 1729 to 1732. During her time as Superior, she remained faithful to the spirit of Marguerite Bourgeoys, whom she had known. She opposed the views of Bishop de Saint-Vallier, who wanted to divide the Congregation into two cloistered communities, one in Quebec City and the other in Montreal. Under her administration, three schools were founded and two former missions were taken over again by the Congregation.