Margarita Yochien - École maternelle Marguarita

Institution founded in 1961,
  • Japon
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In September 1956, the community purchased land at 595-603 Shimoishihara in Chofu. Five years later, in January 1961, permission was granted by the government to open a kindergarten on the property. Its first principal was Sister Saint-Jean-de-la-Lande (Adéline Langlois). The kindergarten, established as a branch of Sakura no Seibo Gakuin School Corporation, welcomed its first children on April 8, 1961. While the enrollment quota was one hundred and twenty, there is no record of how many children attended at that time. By the 1970s, the quota had increased to two hundred and forty. In 1986, the former kindergarten was replaced by a new two-story building of reinforced concrete.

The principals of the kindergarten are as follows:

1961-1962 Sister Saint-Jean-de-la-Lande (Adéline Langlois)

1962-1966 Sister Sainte-Thérèse-de-Marie (Tome Sasamori)

1966-1975 Sister Maria-Philomena (Eiko Kishiwada)

1975-1981 Sister Maria-Stella-Matutina (Ekiko Kimura)

1981-1992 Sister Mitsuko Yamaguchi

1992-2011 Sister Tsugiyo Yoshida

2011- Sister Hoshiko Yamashita

Unique programs at Margarita Kindergarten:

Hoshi no Kai

A gathering for kindergarten graduates

This program, begun in 1970, replaced the Sunday School, which had been part of the initial Chofu Convent. In the beginning the sisters, including the candidates in formation, carried out the program. However, since Sister Yamaguchi’s time as principal, it has been offered one Saturday a month by the kindergarten teachers.

English Education

There is no record of when English education began. However, according to our records from 2002, the teachers always have been of English origin.

Gymnastics and Soccer

Since 2005, as a special after-school program, gymnastics and soccer have been offered twice a month.

In 2012, Margarita Kindergarten celebrated its fiftieth anniversary in Chofu Convent with a Mass of thanksgiving and a celebratory meal. It continues to welcome three, four, and five year-olds in large numbers every year.

N.B. We would like to thank the Sisters from Japan for having prepared this historical text.

Margarita Yochien - École maternelle Marguarita

Margarita Yochien - École maternelle Marguarita

  • Japan
  • Tokyo

Institution fondée en 1961

Dernière adresse : Shimoishiwara, 2 − 55 − 3 Chōme

Shimoishiwara, 2 − 55 − 3 Chōme